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OURHOUSE Therapy & Wellbeing will provide you with a professional, fully qualified holistic practitioner.


Whether it’s stress, physical recovery, or a long day at work, OURHOUSE Therapy & Wellbeing has helped thousands of clients relax in the comfort of their own home.


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Indian Massage
Hot Stone
Luxury facial
Massage Treatment

OURHOUSE Therapy & Wellbeing

Also offer a wide range of treatments specializing in Intuitive Readings. with Susan a master of her craft.

Reiki Healing
Hopi Ear Candle
Intuitive Readings
Cupping Therapy

Service Etiquette

OURHOUSE Therapy & Wellbeing

Therapist at OURHOUSE Therapy & Wellbeing are all fully qualified professional practitioners that you can trust. All wellness services at OURHOUSE Therapy & Wellbeing are entirely therapeutic and non-sexual.

On Arrival

Mobile therapist will arrive 10 minuets before starting your treatment, make sure that you are there, so that the therapist can set up the treatment area and start your treatment on time. If at anytime the therapist is running late you will be notified.

Show your therapist where you’d like your treatment to take place. The therapist will set up, the therapist will then step outside the room, so you can get undressed in privacy. Your therapist will re-enter the room once you are ready.

Before starting treatment

You will complete a consultation, and the therapist will ask you a few questions so that she/he can tailor your treatment to your needs.

After the session

The therapist will leave the room to allow you 5 minutes so that you can slowly get up and dressed.

If you are not completely satisfied with your treatment call Susan on 07960023063

It is advised that you have a treatment every 2 to 4 weeks, every week if needed to maintain a good balance relaxing your mind and body.

You can rebook online at


You must give 24 hours notice for 100% refund

Up to 5 hours before the treatment 80% refund

After 5 hours before treatment 0% refund

To cancel call Susan on

Prices and Opening hour

All prices quoted on the booking page are full and final, inclusive of transportation with no hidden fees.